Since the time of Homer, the Greeks have been master storytellers. Like my ancestors, I am a storyteller as well. Through images that reflect both my heritage and modern influences my visual stories depict humanity & hubris, technology & spirituality, passion & pathos; drawing the observer into  the story – to be moved, to be amused or provoked, or simply to stop and reflect.

Born and raised in Athens, Greece until the age of nine, Evangelia Philippidis immigrated to to the United states in 1966 to continue a journey that has ultimately led her back to her roots.

Her childhood memories of climbing the Acropolis with her father, of running through the parthenon and around its massive columns; touching the polished  marble works of sculptured art created by the great ancient Greek masters have remained intact even as she struggled to embrace her new home: America.

Lorain, Ohio is middle America plain and simple, and a strange place to be for a little Greek girl unable to comprehend a new language. But throughout those uncertain years of learning to live in a new world, Evangelia kept those special places of her youth close to her heart and her unique style of illustration bears this out.

 Sounion—the temple of Poseidon, the oracle of Delphi, the icon art of the celestial Monasteries of Meteora; Mysterious Crete, the white washed islands of the Aegean and many other marvels of Greek civilization have all  influenced her work. her scratchboard technique is bold, graphic—iconic. The  style of architecture in her pieces is directly influenced by the hodge-podge construction of the houses built on the face of the volcanic island of Thera. Evangelia has spent many hours climbing ancient footsteps, listening to ancient voices drawing and photographing the sun-washed stones of ethereal temples and  eternal monasteries.

At Meteora in central Greece, however she found the most profound influence on her art. The sacred monasteries are built atop ancient stone spires—remnants of a pre-historic sea 1200 feet tall they jut up into the azure sky to proclaim the glory of god. It was here, at the Great Meteoron, that Evangelia came face to face with the true object of her art: the Greek icon. the chapels of the Great Meteoron are covered from floor to ceiling with some of the most awesome and inspiring  collection of Greek iconic art. The icons tell the story of God and man, unwavering faith and its sacrifice in splendid colors. Bold, graphic figures of Saints and angels whose luminous eyes see the bared soul are rendered in angular, chiseled line and vivid color. The Byzantine paintings so impressed Evangelia that she has made several pilgrimages to these hallowed halls to feel their power and inspire her work.

As a full-time Designer/Illustrator for the Columbus Dispatch for 22 years, Evangelia's award-winning work was featured regularly on its pages; not surprising most prominently on the Faith and Values section. Editorial illustration is perfectly suited to her scratchboard technique and her penchant for storytelling (a favorite greek pastime). She is owner of an illustration and design studio - Silver Moon Graphics a adjunct instructor of illustration at The Columbus College of Art & Design,  and is nationally recognized for her work.

Her journey continues...Growing up Greek.....A long way from Athens